What a Great Team!

We felt fortunate to know and use Beth Gustafson and Cheryl Gosa of Keller Williams as our realtors. What a great team! They were positive and engendered calm confidence in selling our house quickly from the very beginning. They always thought we could get more for our house than any of the other realtors we had interviewed – and we DID get more than the others speculated. 

They pushed us to go ahead and get an inspection up front and do the major pieces of any of the repairs the inspector found. We were not crazy about spending this money, but we quickly saw that this was one of the wisest things they could have asked us to do. That was money well spent! There was little for prospective buyers to be picky over as Beth and Cheryl had had us get the ‘picky’ out of the house too. 

Our friends and family could not believe we sold our house iso quickly! We were working with Beth and Cheryl from NC and whether we were communicating via text, phone, or email, they always returned our messages within the same day! 

They were knowledgeable and resourceful and were concerned about our overall welfare in our move and worries about getting out of town and selling our house. It was rich to get pastoral care from our realtors! It was a joy to work with Beth and Cheryl and we would recommend them to anyone buying or selling a home.

— Lynn and Anne Turnage